Key Programs

Fundamental Movement Skills and Physical Education

Canning Vale Education Support Centre recognises how important balance, gross-motor movement and core body strength is to a student’s overall physical coordination development. Varied and comprehensive opportunities are offered to students. During the IEP process, individual plans are put in place for each student that can be monitored, adapted an assessed. Canning Vale Education Support Centre’s Physical Education curriculum includes, swimming lessons, dancing, physical therapy programs and other activities during the year.

Community Access Training

Students from Year 3 to Year 6 participate in Community Access Training. It is an intensive, structured travel training program conducted on a weekly basis, with students using public transport and / or walking to various locations within the community.  During the program, students learn independent, road safety and social/communication skills in real life situations.

Protective Behaviours

Protective Behaviours has always been an essential program for our students. It is presented as a discrete subject area and also embedded in all other areas of the curriculum. It is also directly linked to our Community Access Training Program as an important way of allowing our students to generalise their skill mastery in Protective Behaviours in real community settings.

Independent Living Skills

At Canning Vale Education Support Centre, the emphasis is on independent living skill development and functional academics. All students are involved in aspects of the Independent Living Skills Program. This includes cooking, laundry, gardening, general housekeeping and self-care sessions. Canning Vale Education Support Centre has purposed-built independent living facilities and a sensory room which has been fitted with a fulk cooking and laundry facilities as well as a sensory/relaxation area.


Being on a shared site offers opportunities for our students to integrate into mainstream for subjects such as Music, Art and Physical Education, as well as daily in the playground. Our school also attends the regular campus assemblies, participates in the annual sports carnival and attends various incursions throughout the year. Integration for academic subjects is negotiated for individual students on aneeds basis.