School Info


Canning Vale Education Support Centre was opened in 1997. The Centre is situated on a shared campus with the Canning Vale Primary School located south east of Perth in the metropolitan area.

Canning Vale Education Support Centre is a primary school catering for Kindergarten to Year 6 students, who require teaching and learning adjustments to access the regular curriculum. Individual Education Plans are developed in consultation with parents/carers and other stakeholders.

Students have a diagnosis of intellectual or physical disability or a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. All teachers and Education Assistants have additional specialist qualifications and/or extensive experience in developing highly individualised intervention programs that suit the needs of each child in an inclusive environment.

We are a unique school. All students have the opportunity to develop communication and social skills through participation in daily integration with their peers in the primary school, as well as developing Numeracy and Literacy skills in a highly specialised education setting in the Centre.  Inclusion and collaboration occurs regularly between staff from Canning Vale Education Support Centre and Canning Vale Primary School to ensure successful outcomes for all students.